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Video DVD Maker Free is an application to help you recored Videos from such devices as camera, DV cinecamera, TV, etc. then burn them to CD or DVD.

Video DVD Marker Free can record videos from popular devices such as Camera, webcam, DV cinecamera, TV, etc. and save as AVI, MP4, MPEG,  DIVX, WMV, ASF to burn to CD/DVD.

Video DVD Maker Free helps users burn a wide range of CD/DVD in the market now. You can import a video on the computer directly from file browser of the program to burn disc.  In case you want to record videos from other connected devices, the program can also support you to record and burn them directly to discs.

Video DVD Maker Free displays preview window for you to test the audio and image quality of the video and offers Timeline  feature to help you record and arrange videos by date/month. The program provides of easy-to-use features, thus it does not require so much experience from users.

Main features of Video DVD Maker Free:

- Record Videos from different devices
The program helps you record videos with high audio and image quality from devices connected to the computer such as DV cinecamera, TV, Webcam, Camera, and many more.

- Support a wide range of Video formats.
Video DVD Maker Free can record Video from various devices and save them as popular video formats including AVI, DIVX,XVID, MPG, WMV, ASF, MOV, etc. with the highest quality.

- Support different CD/DVD.

This application can be used to burn the recorded videos to CD/DVD of all formats in the market such as CD R/RW, DVD +R/RW, DVD –R/RW, DVD DL, etc.

- Preview the recorded video.

VIdeo DVD Marker Free can display a window in the center of its interface for users to preview and test audio and image quality of the recorded video.

- Arrange videos in order.

Timeline feature of this application allows you to record videos and arrange them in certain order and time.

- Burn discs from VIDEO_TS of other application.

The program can record the content of a VIDEO_TS file from another similar software.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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