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Video Memory stress Test is an excellent utility application that allows you to check RAM of graphics cards. Particularly, it has the ability to displays technical information of RAM and RAM errors.

Video Memory stress Test helps users check RAM most effectively. Thanks to it, you can easily check the data access time on the system, data transfer rate, bandwidth, and CAS Latency and other technical parameters on RAM. Video Memory stress Test is smaller and lighter than other similar tools developed by Misha Cherkes.

When RAM checking is completed, the software will generate a detail report on RAM parameters for your review. Furthermore, the tool auto-detects and fixes Ram errors. However, the disadvantage of Video Memory stress Test is it only performs individual tasks on by one, so it will take time for checking.

Video Memory stress Test is a small-sized utility that doesn’t use up much of your computer resources. Especially, with its visual and easy-to-use interface, the tool is suitable for all user level of experience. In case Windows cannot boot, you can use this software in DOS environment.

Main features of Video Memory stress Test:

- Check RAM accurately and effectively.

It enables users to check computer RAM most accurately and effectively. With this software, you can check data access time on the system and data transfer rate, bandwidth, CAS Latency and other technical parameters on RAM.

- Offer a detail checking report.

After checking, the software will make a detail report on technical parameters RAM for your review.

- Take time to check RAM.

The disadvantage of this tool it only undertakes separate tasks one by one. Thus it will take you time to complete checking process
- Users can use Video Memory stress Test in DOS mode in case can’t boot.

- Own a visual and easy-to-use interface.

Updated date: 11/07/2013

Free Download Video Memory stress Test
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