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Video Wallpaper Master makes itself special when it supports you to create your own unique background wallpaper by any of your favorite video. You can make use of every interesting video replacing normal boring images to be set as your background.

Video Wallpaper Master is a wonderful tool which can play your short favorite video as the impressive background wallpaper for your PC. When you feel bored with insensitive static background, this utility will make your life and work more enjoyable with moving and interesting video. Images and sounds are played lively as a real video is.

Video Wallpaper Master also allows you to customize whether to replay this background video or to stop it whenever you want. You still can continue playing it per your interest. It would be really great if you could see your favorite moving images whenever you see the PC screen.

Video Wallpaper Master is very simple and easy to use, even for those who are not skillful at computer. This tool raise your computer’s value up by its unique and impressive background screen.

Some main features of Video Wallpaper Master:

-    Play video files as the background wallpaper
-    Relay or pause or stop video whenever you want.
-    Be easy and simple to use

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Download Video Wallpaper Master
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