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Virtual DJ Studio is an ideal software for parties. It supports karaoke and mixes audios, playlists or many different audio cards.

In birthday parties and festivals, we do not simply play familiar songs, sometimes knowing how to mix those songs to create your own songs not only helps make parties more boisterous but also helps you to become more outstanding in the crowd.

Virtual DJ Studio allows you to create your own songs by mixing various songs, inserting audio effects and supporting karaoke in songs.

The installation of the program is very easy and only takes several seconds. The user interface is firstly quite difficult but it will become very impressive if you start to discover it. Anyone can use Virtual DJ Studio and it only takes you a short duration to complete all the operations of the program.

What do you have to do with Virtual DJ Studio? Play many MP3 and WAV files and adjust the tempo, tune and intensity to match each tempo in the song. The software does not contain many complicated functions but what it brings users are exciting experiences in music and entertainment.

Virtual DJ Studio is simpler than other applications having the same functions. You can use it to customize your expected audio editing functions, use it as a playlist music player, control progress and use many other options.

Key features of Virtual DJ Studio

- Mix various audios to create songs.
- Support MP3 and WAV audio formats.
- Support Karaoke in songs.
- Provide different audio effects.
- Play many MP3 and WAV files at the same time.
- Customize tempo, tune and intensity to match each rhythm of a song.
- Be used as a playlist music player.
- Control sound progress.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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