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Virtual WiFi Router helps users turn laptop into the Wifi station just with simple manipulations. When using this application, you can share Internet connection with any devices supporting Wifi. It helps you save a considerable amount of money for using network in your family or office.

Virtual WiFi Router is the application which allows users to share wireless Internet connection with the computer and handsets like laptop, mobile phone, tablet, iPod, etc. by turning your computer into a wireless hotspot - the tool for launching Wifi. By creating a user account including username and password, other devices can use and connect with the virtual network you create. Then, they can access Internet easily and quickly.

Virtual WiFi Router also provides you the right to specify name of the wireless network you want to create and choose the connection you want to share. When you finish setting up profiles, this application will activate new Wifi connections. A list of all connections with their IP addresses is also displayed so that you can monitor the number of clients and detect unauthorized intruders.

Main features of Virtual WiFi Router:

- Create Wifi stations from your laptop.

There are lots of Wifi enabled devices at your home or workplace. However, you do not have enough money to purchase a Wifi transmitter. With Virtual WiFi Router, you can cover Wifi network to the area you are sitting very easily and effectively. Thus, it helps save efforts and money. When other devices like mobile phones, tablet, laptop, etc. want to connect to the Wifi port from your computer, they must enter the right account you created. This program can also connect to the printer supporting Wifi so that you can print documents remotely through the laptop or handsets.

- Use flexibly.

Virtual WiFi Router can transform any computer or laptop into a virtual Wifi access point so that the device can use for surfing Internet. This software uses the WPA2 encryption technology which is the most modern technology in securing wireless connections at present. It can run invisibly on the system background.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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