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Download VirtualDrive Pro - Create virtual CD, DVD drives


VirtualDrive Pro is an effective tool to create virtual CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives on the computer. VirtualDrive Pro can create virtual cd easy android quickly

VirtualDrive Pro helps users create virtual CD drives to run the programs that require you to have CD drive.

VirtualDrive Pro can read Blu-ray, CD-ROM, music CD, image CD, video (data-mode DVD-ROM), and anti-copy DVD.   The software also help convert CD and DVD to such formats as Mp3 and save this virtual CD (VCDs - Virtual CDs) on the system hard disk drive, so it is very easy to search.  The virtual CDs can also be copied to USB, external hard disk, backed-up, sent via email, or shared on the internet.

VirtualDrive Pro allows you to create 23 virtual drives on the computer, so it can support you much on your work.  Besides, the speed to link and access to virtual drives can be very high. According to the distributor, this speed can reach 200 times higher than the original drives.

Main features of VirtualDrive Pro:

- Create virtual drives to access data.

Running programs directly on the hard disk drives may take time and computer power, so users may have to wait for a long time.  Why don't you create and run programs on a virtual drive with the specialized software like VirtualDrive Pro?

- Copy and backup data from the original disk.

You want to save music, movies, games, and personal documents, etc. to review when necessary.  There is one solution that requires no supporting devices. You can create virtual drives right on you computer and copy the contents to these drives.  Such supportive software as VirtualDrive Pro will be very useful for you.

- Support multiple drive formats:

This software can create virtual drives from CD-ROM, Audio CD, Image CD, Video CD, comprehensive CD, and DVD-ROMs.  It also automatically sends an attached file with a message whenever you create virtual drive on your flash drive.

- Create multiple virtual drives at the same time.  

This application is equipped with 23 virtual drives which can perform very quickly without waiting for the drives to rotate and read the CD.

- Quickly access data.

The accessing speed of virtual drives for playing games, viewing images, and exporting other data can be 200 times higher than the traditional CD-ROM.

- Organize data scientifically.  

It is very convenient to use these virtual drives as the data are organized scientifically. Therefore, you can easily find them through tabs on the interface.

- Protect the original drive.

Using virtual drives to replace the original drives, you can protect your CD/DVD drives from being stolen or damaged because you do not have to use the original drives once you have virtual drives.  In addition, the security also protects CD/DVD/BDS from being stolen, lost, damaged, etc.

- Convert the virtual drive to real drive.

The program also supports to convert the virtual drive to a real drive if users want.

- Save battery and power for the computer.  

When you run these virtual drives, your computer can save maximal power or battery consumption compared to the real CD because virtual drives occupy very little resources.

- Protect the system.  

With VirtualDrive Pro, you can run virtual CD on RAM 340 times faster than on your hard drive. In addition, the performance of virtual drives does not create noise or heat for the system.

- Support devices with not CD/DVD.  

It is really convenient to create a virtual drive for laptops or tablets which do not support CD/DVD.  Therefore, you can easily manage and use your data.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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