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Vista Eyes is an application that offers you ability to replace your desktop wallpaper with a picture of eyes observing your mouse movement. With this tool, your computer will have a lively and fancy wallpaper.

Vista Eyes allows users to change desktop wallpaper to a picture of eyes which are moving like observing the mouse movement. Users will get excited and reduce stress while watching those eyes.

Vista Eyes draws the eyes in big and active form, combine with harmonious color to make them more sparkling. Moreover, the eyes image is extremely sharp because it is designed with a high resolution.

The features of Vista Eyes are developed for recreation purposes, therefore, the size of this application is small. It consumes little system resource and does not affect other running applications on the computer.

Main features of Vista Eyes:

- Decorate desktop wallpaper with live wallpaper of a pair of eyes and their movement

- Replace desktop wallpaper with a picture of eyes which are moving like observing the mouse movement

- Provide high resolution live wallpaper

- Compact size, comprise little system resource

- Do not affect other applications that are running on the computer.

Updated date: 11/29/2013

Free Download Vista Eyes
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