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VLC Media Player is a software to help you watch lots of video formats. This software also allows you to watch TV online. VLC Media Player can run on most of operating systems and support lots of file formats.

VLC Media Player is a multimedia software which enables users to watch video formats more easily.  This software also integrates the function to help you watch TV online, which you can not find in other music or TV players.

VLC Media Player - Watch TV and listen to music online

Furthermore, TV watching program VLC Media Player also allows users to watch Flash FLV right on the websites. It can also play CD or DVD formats right on your hard disk drive without a real disc.  VLC Media Player is evaluated to be the best and fastest program for online TV watching.

VLC Media Player can play most of the popular codes without installing any other new codec packages.  VLC Media Player also allows you to convert video formats such as from MPEG to FLV or RMBV.  VLC Media Player also provides video channel streaming and for you to access such websites as ESPN, Reuters, and National Geographic.

Features of VLC Media Player:

- Support multiple formats:

VLC Media Player supports wide range of audio and video formats.  You only have to download the videos to watch with ease.  You can also use this software to watch video online without any errors. All the video and audio formats integrated in VLC Media Player, so after downloading from the internet, you can play them immediately without editing or adjusting.

- Support hotkeys.

In order to create the most favorable condition for users to use this software, VLC Media Player provides users with a set of hotkeys.  You can use hotkeys instead of the mouse to work with this software.

- Be lightweight and easy-to-use:

VLC Media Player is also lightweight and occupies little resources of the memory, to users can easily watch videos while doing other tasks such as browsing web, composing documents, etc.  Moreover, this software can be zoomed out and integrated into taskbar.

- Provide numerous features to watch movies and listen to music.  

VLC Media Player allows users to set up repeat mode to listen a song again and again.  You can also set up VLC Media Player to play randomly.  With this mode, the software will select a random song to play.  Besides, you can also set the type of loudspeakers to fit the music you are listening to .

- Allow users to watch TV online.  

Besides the features of playing music and moive, VLC Media Player also allows you to watch online TV.  You can watch numerous channels all over the world with this TV online watching software.  In addition, VLC Media Player also supports you watch paid channels.

- Support CD/DVD/Blu-ray formats:

VLC Media Player enables you to play directly audio and video files from a CD/DVD or Blu-ray.  When you insert the disc, the software will automatically detect and play the disc.  This software can play even the very old discs.

- Multilingual support:

VLC Media Player supports a wide range of languages  including the most popular languages such as English, French, Germany, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc.  When installing this software, you will have to set the language suitable for you.  In addition, it is also very easy to customize and change the language when you use this software.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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