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VNC Free Edition is a tool that supports controlling computer remotely via server-interaction mode and client-controlling browser by means of Internet accesing without installing any other software.

In this global high-tech century, the issue of securing computer’s data is always considered as an all-time big concern. With an application like VNC Free Edition for Windows, users can keep track of and control your pc even you are away from you computer. By this way, you are allowed to control your pc remotely to have an overview of all potential risks to your computer

To have administrator right, users are required to connect to server machine via VNC Server feature and enter client’s IP address to start monitoring. Both client and server machines are provided with passwords to save and prevent illegal attacks.

On hand this tool, you can keep track and control multiple computers at the same time via LAN network or Internet with no complex supports.

VNC Free Edition for Windows’s main features:

- Monitor computer remotely.

VNC Free Edition for Windows is a remote computer-monitoring application that runs very effectively, serves users perfectly in controlling network system, working via internal network or Internet. Network administrators can utilize this application to control internal computers within the network, organizations, centers, while securing data and prevent network from malicious risks.

- Disable certain features in network.

While utilizing this software, users can access optional windows of tracked components and activate mouse and keyboard-disable feature for limited-using applications in the network.

- Record settings.

This software also record automatically settings in detail at the very first times to save them for the next operation.

-Be compatible with many operating system.

VNC Free Edition for Windows supports many Os, including Windows, Unix, Linux and Solaris. This software can run smoothly on different Internet networks while occupying a little resources. It can be installed easily, even to amateur users.

Updated date: 04/25/2015

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