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Tony Nguyen

Wallpaper Downloader is a tiny application which is designed with basic features for supporting users in downloading eye-catching wallpapers from Bing without any obstructions.

Wallpaper Downloader supports users in creating an account with their email address and password to create wallpapers in a proactive manner. With the account created, you will be able to download any images from the server of Bing to your PC to be set as the desktop’s wallpaper.

With Wallpaper Downloader, you are allowed to download from 10-15 images from your PC without any incidents or obstructions from servers. You will have a collection of wallpapers for your computer to alternate at any time to fit your mood, interest, festival or work.

In addition, Wallpaper Downloader is also capable of organizing wallpapers to fit users’ desktop. The program provides a set of options for users to set the image at the center or rotate images by time from 10 to 12 seconds at your interest. It can be seen that the software can bring you with outstanding features to create attractive desktop’s wallpapers.

Key features of Wallpaper Downloader:

- Create an account for downloading images from Bing server.
- Support downloading from 10-15 images to the computer.
- Provide options to arrange images reasonably on the desktop’s screen.

Updated date: 12/15/2013

Free Download Wallpaper Downloader
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