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WampServer is a piece of software aimed to help developers and small website owners effortlessly build a web server that works without wasting countless hours struggling with the configuration.

ZaWampServer is a Client Server form used to support programming dynamic Websites. It also helps those who have a great interest in web programming have a full document to design web samples in their own style and interest. Components of ZaWampServer include Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP / Perl / Python which can run on most versions of Windows.

 This software provides toolkits including Apache - Web server software, PHP - programming language in the Script form, running on the server and return HTML code for the browser, MySQL- basic database to create dynamic websites. The latest version of WampServer also comprises Xdebug, XDC, SQLBuddy, phpMyAdmin and webGrind. It provides advanced features to manage the content of created Websites.

ZaWampServer displays the icon on the system tray, then users can access and manage all of its components. A list of features enables you to manage your website completely. Besides, the phpMyAdmin tool running on the Windows platform is used to create and manage MySQL database and display SQL commands.

Key features of ZaWampServer:

- Support installing data for web design.

WampServer will support installing Apache, PHP5 and MySQL on the server system of users. The software will simplify all service management tasks onto the system tray so that you can manage your server more conveniently and quickly than ever. With this application, you are allowed to develop dynamic websites with the Apache server, PHP programming language and MySQL databases. Besides, PHPMyAdmin helps users control MySQL databases.

- Manage the host system.

ZaWampServer allows managing both servers (Apache and MySQL) separately in order to start/ restart or shut down your server. Besides, users also have the right to add or remove Apache modules, hide the identity or extend PHP by using the single installer without affecting the configuration files. This application can work offline or online to share your websites when connecting to Internet.

- Be easy to install and use.

ZaWampServer is installed and activated easily just with a few simple manipulations. Its functions are totaly easy to access and use. This software also has the high compatility with lots of operating systems. WampServer provides users with the basic server capabilities which are required to test and maintain a website. Thus, it helps users save a considerable amount of time and money for installation and deployment.


Updated date: 04/24/2015

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