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Waterfox Portable supports users in browsing the web at a higher speed and better security & privacy. In addition, the program can also remove unexpected ads.

Waterfox Portable provides users with the latest technologies for accessing the web quickly such as the latest microprocessor unit from AMD as well as SSE3, AVX & Jemalloc, mathematical library of Intel, etc. Therefore, the program can help raise the processing speed and connecting smoothly with the websites needing to be accessed. It can be seen that this is a preeminent feature of the browser compared to other common browsers.

With Waterfox Portable, you are also supported to input existing data from Firefox settings in an accurate manner. In addition, the program can still support Firefox add-ons as it is a version of Firefox web browser from Mozilla. All these features aim to helping users to browse the web with convenient and stability.

In addition, Waterfox Portable can be stored and directly run from portable storage devices such as USB, portable hard drive, flash USB, etc., so you can be completely active in browsing the web on any computer without installation.

Key features of Waterfox Portable:

- Provide latest technologies for surfing the web at a high speed such as the latest microprocessor unit from AMD as well as SSE3, AVX & Jemalloc, mathematical library of Intel, etc.
- Be capable of inputting the existing data from Firefox.
- Be able to stored and run directly from portable storage devices.
- Only work on 64-bit Windows operating system.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download Waterfox Portable
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