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Weather Watcher Live is the lightweight and simple tool which helps you view detailed information about weather forecast in locals right on the computer screen such as temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, etc. Information are always updated from famous forecast centers so that users can arrange plans suitably to the weather situation.

Weather Watcher Live allows users to update weather information of multiple countries and cities around the world. This utility provides basic information such as temperature, humidity, pressure, sunshine and rain situations. You can view locations which have lots of fog, watch sunrise and sunset or see the predicted rainfall in different places.

Weather Watcher Live allows users to preview the weather of  consecutive hours or days in a certain local. Users can also set up so that the application automatically checks most updated versions. It can reduce, change the temperature, wind, pressure, rainfall, time and display units and choose the alert type. Users can also change the alert sound and the program`s interface.

Main features of Weather Watcher Live:

- Update weather information.

Weather Watcher Live is the lightweight application closely integrated with Windows. It allows users to view and update weather information from multiple places in the earth. You can self create the list of locations and view the forecast in consecutive days or specific time marks. It not only allows you to see the weather normally, but also gives alerts about the serious weather phenomena like storm, earthquakes, etc. One advantage of this software is that it updates the weather map so that users can compare the weather in different regions.

- Customize easily.

Weather Watcher Live also allows users to set up the list of keywords to filter alerts about the severe weather. This utility is also able to change the computer wallpaper by images having formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, and HTML. It runs on a small amount of the system resources and is closely compatible with Windows.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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