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Web Easy Professional provides users with all necessary tools to build and design a website. It gives basic and useful instruction, so everyone can build a website easily.

Web Easy Professional is a professional software that supports users building and designing a website. It offers instruction in performing each step to build a website in the simplest method. The application supports drag-and-drop functions; therefore, adding or removing an object is very simple and convenient.

Web Easy Professional possesses many website templates to choose. You are able to edit and preview the templates until you are satisfied to apply one for your website. This software offers many component needed for a website like pre-load pictures, animation images, sound and different layouts. Besides that, users can add more multimedia objects by themselves.

Web Easy Professional includes many advanced options for web developing. Users can also publish the web and sharing with customer by this application. This tool is suitable with every user, from amateur to professional web developer.

Main features of Web Easy Professional:

- Build and design a website
- Simple and easy drag-and-drop
- Provide many templates, tools and objects for website
- Be able to publish web product.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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