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Web Page Maker is the HTML editing program with a graphic interface which allows you to create websites without requiring to have lots of experience and good understanding about HTML syntax. The software brings users the Website designing tool with simple drag and drop methods.

Web Page Maker can build Web systems with the scientific structure, the suitable connection system which are organized simply but still have full of functions. This is a simple web designing software which does not require users to be professional and expert in HTML code. You can create Web formats with the form and content customized by your own interests. Built-in tools allow you to draw the web diagram, insert texts, tables, images, add colors, etc. to create a fully done website.

With Web Page Maker, you can preview the web display on the browser, view the source code to edit contents you are not satisfied. Moreover, this tool also provides color codes so that users can choose to mark edited documents. You can easily change content components, the size of windows just with a few clicks.

Web Page Maker also supports users to add multimedia contents such as audio files, dynamic images, Videos, etc. to the website by dragging and dropping from folders on the computer. The graphic interface of this utility also helps you design Websites with unique styles. You can extract websites for use or storage as document files on your system.

Key features of Web Page Maker:

- Provide the graphic design interface to create multiple Web samples.

Web Page Maker is the software which helps create and edit websites easily just with simple manipulations. With the existing Website samples, you just need choose, then drag and drop necessary objects to them to perfect the content and form. Or you can also create your own website samples with tools of the program. This application allows establishing navigation bars and inserting to the page. This tool also integrates color palettes, Java library, image library and closely integrates with FTP client.

- Manage created Websites.

Web Page Maker allows users to create and manage multiple websites at the same time, view HTML source code to edit the content of the web and use CSS (Cascading Style Sheet - the language regulating the display of HTML tags)

- Be simple and easy-to-use.

Web Page Maker has the very simple interface. Its functions are organized clearly so that users can access fully and easily to design websites. You can create, extract web pages and preview the in the browser just with simple manipulations.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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