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Winamp is an amazing player that supports in watching movies online on PC, it supports various formats.

Winamp supports QuickTime’s files and Windows Media such as. M2V. Asf, AMF. Avi, Wma, Mod, Wav, Mpeg, etc. (30 formats) and video formats such as MPEG, ASF, AVI, NSV. The software also supports RIP on media, it allows encode to MP3 or AAC format with high quality. In addition, it has the ability to burn CDs quickly.

Winamp has new features to play movies on mobile devices such as coding, new synchronizing, paying on USB, synchronizing video, playing video back from device. Besides, the functions to encode to MP3, AAC and AAC + was improved, Rip speed CDs for aacPlus, AAC, WMA and MP3 is also improved.

Winamp also supports Unicode for information of music files, it allows playing music on iTunes with MP3/M4A M4A files. Winamp provides the functions to playback songs and movies. It supports in playing back 60 audio and video formats (including WebM). It also has powerful tools to create playlists and to playback favorite songs and listen to them remotely.

Main features of Winamp:

- Support for listening to music, watching movies:

Winamp supports users in watching a lot of music and video file formats in QuickTime and Windows Media

- Rich Database:

This utility updates and stores a variety of free music and video from EmusicWinner from the Internet,Surround Music Project, an MP3 'Mercy Me' by Alkaline Trio and videos from AOL.

- Support in converting audio formats:

Winamp supports in converting MP3 to WAV quickly.

- Manage music library easily:

Winamp is the multimedia player, which allows users to manage and organize the list of media, including audio, video, media, podcasts and internet radios. Winamp also integrates powerful tools to manage podcast subscribes with a searchable podcast folder. The software offers over 40,000 internet radios online, through seamless integration with the SHOUTcast Radios.

- Easy to customize:

You can also customize Winamp with more than 6,000 utilities (interface, plug-ins, online services, and visual services). Arranging playlist, extracting or accessing media files, or managing your music library are quite simple. Therefore, users can easily control this music player.

- Support multi-language:

The software supports different languages ​​such as Chinese, Korean, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Romanian, ect.

- Run on background:

The software can run invisibly on windows’ interface to ensure that it does not affect other programs. Its size is also quite small; therefore; it does not take a lot of resources on the system.

- Friendly interface:

Winamp (Windows amplifier) is one of the most popular music players around the world. Winamp has a simple, easy-to-use and changeable interface, it supports various file formats and it was also one of the first mp3 players. Consequently, this software is preferred by lots of users.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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