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WinAudio Recorder is a software that records sounds emitted from your sound cards.

You can use WinAudio Recorder to record sounds from devices such as CD/DVD, music player LP, cassette, speaker, mobile phones, etc. or directly from microphone and other sound cards.

This application does not come with anything else but its functions pack is more than enough; therefore, you only need a single window with different groups of tools.

You can quickly start a recording from the main screen of WinAudio Recorder. You can also adjust other settings like audio bitrate, channels, etc.

In addition, WinAudio Recorder save the recordings in WAV format. It can work well with any types of sound cards. The application also allow users to set up the output profile.

In summary, WinAudio Recorder is one of the simplest recording tool on the market. Though it provides a user guide, this seems to be unnecessary because users only need some seconds to capture the operation. With the intuitive options in the package, people will surely feel that it is useful.

Main features of WinAudio Recorder

- Record sounds from external devices like CD/DVD drive, music player LP, cassette, speaker, amplifiers, etc.
- Record sound from microphone
- Offer various features
- Set up configuration such as audio bitrate, channels, etc.
- Save audio in WAV format
- Simple interface, easy to use
- Be compatible with all Windows versions.

Updated date: 10/29/2013

Download WinAudio Recorder
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