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WinCleaner Memory Optimizer offers so many powerful tools to optimize and clean the system’s memory, which helps the whole system work more efficiently and stably

WinCleaner Memory Optimizer provides users different graphs to display status of RAM memory as well as CPU in real time. These graphs help users to have a general picture of their RAM and CPU status for their easy and exact following. This free memory optimization utility certainly has a nicer memory graph than XP's Task Manager.

In addition, WinCleaner Memory Optimizer supports users to set up applications to optimize their memory at a specific time. Uses can set as default to free system’s memory every 10 minutes or longer per their interest and demands. Thanks to this great feature, you can make sure that your computer is working at a high speed and keeps being stable every time.

Moreover, WinCleaner Memory Optimizer offers its great feature to constantly update graphs or frequency charts so that users can easily follow and modify their RAM memory in advance. You also can set up to optimize your RAM memory when starting the system so that your system will always be ready for your work.

Some main features of WinCleaner Memory Optimizer:

-    Provide different graphs and charts on RAM and CPU status in real time
-    Set up applications to optimize system’s memory at a specific time
-    Update graphs or frequency charts so that users can easily follow and modify their RAM memory in advance.
-    Optimize system’s RAM memory when starting the system.

Updated date: 04/09/2014

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