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Windows Doctor is a useful tool to help you detect and repair problems with your computer such as startup files, plug-in, etc. With lots of built-in features, this application will help you protect and maintain your computer the best.

Windows Doctor will help you detect and repair system errors such as start up files, plug-in, hotkey combos, and invalid text fonts, etc. The program is integrated with lots of powerful features to help you protect and maintain the best performance for your computer. This is a great solution for old and outdated computers.

Windows Doctor will scan the entire system, search and block threats to the computer such as virus, trojan, worm, malware, and spyware.

Windows Doctor is also an application to help you remove unnecessary files in Windows registry immediately, delete outdated drivers, invalid DLL sharing files, etc.
Main features of Windows Doctor:

- Figure out the problems which slow down the computer.

Windows Doctor can analyze all the components of a software/hardware in computer system; detect and locate the problems which slow down your computer; repair errors, etc. to help computer work faster and more effectively.

- Detect and fix security holes:

The program will detect security holes in the system and fix them immediately to prevent the penetration of malware, virus, trojan, worm, BHO files, and system services.

- Clean and fix Registry for Windows.

Windows Doctor can be used to find and delete redundant files in Windows registry including out-of-date or invalid registries.

This software can detect and recover faulty Registry to retain the maximum efficiency of the system such as the installation of invalid software, faulty DLL files, pop-up windows, empty registry, faulty ActiveX files, text fonts, invalid hotkeys, and many other problems.

- Scan and clean the history of applications on computer.

One of the most effective features of this program is the ability to scan and delete operating history of over 100 applications on computer. You can delete web browsing history, cache, cookies, etc. of such popular web browsers as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and history of MS Office, Windows Media Players, WinRAR, etc. to protect your privacy.

- Recover data.

The feature to recover data will help you retrieve lost or deleted data when formatting or partitioning hard disk of FAT12/16/32, NTFS.

- Delete junk files in the disc

Windows Doctor will help you find and delete trash, empty folders, shortcuts, duplicated files, fragmentation, etc. on your hard disk to free up space and optimize the performance of the computer.

- Make report of applications occupying the most resources.

Such data as documents, audio, image, videos files, etc. will be displayed in the report that the program offers. Basing on this report, you can know which file occupying the most resources of the disk. Classification of trash files also helps you easily find and remove them right on the computer.

- Many other features.

In addition, this application also allows you to join various small data to a single file, backup data to avoid errors during the operation. You can also customize the schedule of the application

Updated date: 04/25/2015

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