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Windows Movie Maker is a video editor of Microsoft dedicated for Windows XP and Vista OS. The program supports various popular files formats such as WAV, MP3, WMA, AVI, MPG, JPG, BMP, PNG, etc.

Windows Movie Maker is a video editor which can join images and videos into a single movie, split videos, or provide new effects to create a new video. The created videos will be saved on the computer, external storage devices, shared with friends and family, or uploaded to the internet.

To create a video, you should follow these steps: insert a video or images, edit the components (adding effects), finish the fully made videos with images and background music. Windows Movie Maker supports such Media formats as MP3, WMA, WAV, AVI, MPG, JPG, BMP, PNG.

In addition, Windows Movie Maker also allows users to insert text, create notes for videos, save or share videos on famous video sharing websites like Youtube, Daily motion, Facebook, SkyDrive, etc.

Main features of WIndows Movie Maker

- Edit your favorite video clips:

The program helps you create a video clip in your own style. You can select the videos and images that you like, Windows Movie Maker will display the rest for you.

- Support different media formats.

The program can import and process directly videos (WAV, AVI, MPG), audios (MP3, WMA), and images (JPG, BMP, PNG).

- Add video, images to the clips:

Select to add new images, videos on your computer and load directly to the program.

- Support drag/drop files.

You just have to drag the file that you want to appear in the video to the main window of the interface, the program will automatically add these new files to the clips.

- Create background music for video clips:

To avoid monotonous videos, you can select your favorite song to be the background music. But remember that the video must have corresponding length to the song.

- Spit a video or audio:

Windows Movie Maker is used to split a large video to several smaller videos without affecting the quality of the video. You can split a music, a song to select your favorite segment. These video and audio segments will be used to create slideshow or inserted as the video clip's background music.

- Insert multiple background at the same time:

You can use one or more songs to be the background music of the video. These songs can be played seamlessly or interrupted according to your settings. Using various background music for the video will make it much more vivid.

- Add text and insert notes:

Windows Movie Maker allows you to add text and transferring effects.

- Customize the quality of videos:

You can easily add audio in the video, adjust volume, file size, transferring time between images, videos, and many more.

- Save images during the edition:

This function enables users to save all the editions and adjustments for the later time. You can reuse the images, videos in the previous video to create another video in a completely new style.

- Provide a preview window:

The program offers a preview window on the top corner of the screen so that you can view all the editions with the video. You can edit the unsatisfied videos or save the completed videos as different formats.

- Connect and share with friends:

The fully made videos will be kept to review on the computer or share on the internet (online forums, Windows Live SkyDrive, social networks, and famous video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo,, Metacafe, etc.)

- Be compatible with most of operating systems:

Windows Movie Maker is developed by Microsoft, so it is compatible with all operating systems such as Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, or Win 8. The application is scanned by antivirus software developed by Avast, so you do not have to worry that Windows Movie Maker contains potential threats to your computer.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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