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WinSSHD provides a secure server SSH Shell 2 for Windows platforms. The software supports user to access remotely, ensure safe access, transfer file, and it also has visual graphical interface.

WinSSHD is an application that provides a secure server SSH Shell 2 for Windows platforms. Users can access the remote server via a console that supports vt100, xterm and bvterm. The visual graphical interface (WinVNC or XP Remote Desktop) will support well for all user.

WinSSHD has the ability to transfer files via the internet safely. The connection will have secure access via TCP / IP connection (port forwarding). The software does not limit the number of connections at the same time and it can make connection maximally depending on computer’s configuration.

WinSSHD has maximal controlling speed or file transfer speed, which can be up to tens of MB/s. Users can also limit the bandwidth usage to save money without affecting other online tasks. The software supports the best end points on the Windows platform to ensure the program to operate quickly and conveniently.

The main features of WinSSHD:

- Provide secure server.
- Visual graphical interface.
- Transfer files via the internet.
- Secure connection.
- Support maximal speed and number of connections.
- Support for good end points.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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