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Wireless Key Generator is a supporter to create security keys for the computer`s Wifi. You can generate keys of any length based on the available security standards.

Wireless Key Generator is a tool which helps you create security keys for your laptop`s Wifi. This application is useful in case you do not want other people to use your Wifi to access Internet. You can make up keys based on the provided security standards. The keys are of arbitrary length.

Wireless Key Generator provides lots of security standards responding to the length of each security key you can set up. For example, the standard WEP 64 bit (equivalent to 10 characters), WEP 128 bit (equivalent to 26 characters), WEP 256 bit (58 characters) and more.

Wireless Key Generator allows you to customize to create the security key you wish by selecting the length of keys. The keys will include full of characters, numbers and symbols inside. You can paste the newly generated keys into a document or save them as Key.txt files for usage on the computer.

Main features of Wireless Key Generator:

- Generate the security keys for Wifi.

This utility will help you create security keys for the computer`s wifi. Thus, you can prevent other people from using your wifi freely to access Internet without your permission.

- Support lots of security standards.

Wireless Key Generator supports various standards for Wifi protection which regulate the number of characters in each security key. You can choose among standards including WEP 64bit (10 characters), WEP 128bit (26 characters), WEP 256bit (58 characters), WPA Light 64bit (8 characters), WPA Minimum 160bit (20 characters) and WPA Light 506bit (63 characters).

- Customize the length of security keys.

Wireless Key Generator allows you to customize the length of security keys. The long security key will comprise all characters including number, letters and special signs.

- Save security keys in the document format.

To archive newly generated security keys so that you will not forget them, you can copy and save them in a document or as a Key.txt file on the desktop computer.

- Have the lightweight capacity and be easy to use.

The utility has the minimum capacity on the computer system and it`s also very easy to use. You just need choose a security standard going with the allowed length of the key, then the program will automatically provide the security key for your computer`s Wifi.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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