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WirelessKeyView helps you recover the password of Wifi networks (WEP/WPA) your computer once connected. The program is very useful whenever your computer is reinstalled.

WirelessKeyView is the application which helps you recover all passwords of wifi networks the computer once connected. You do not need to re-type passwords responding to Wifi networks. The program will automatically display passwords so that you can access easily.

WirelessKeyView supports you to recover lost passwords to gain the access to Wifi networks which are established according to WEP/WPA. This will help you restore old passwords easily when you do not remember or they are lost due to reinstalling the operating system.

WirelessKeyView will help you know the password of Wifi networks other computers are using. The program has the lightweight capacity and it is the wonderful tool which helps you recover Wifi passwords you once used to connect wifi to your laptop.

Main features of WirelessKeyView:

- Recover the password of the Wifi networks through other computers which once connected to.

WirelessKeyView will help you recover the lost password of Wifi networks your computer once accessed before through other computers.

- Work with wireless networks based on WEP, WPA.

- Recover complicated passwords.

This utility helps you recover the lost password of most Wifi networks your computer once connected, even complicated passwords with different numbers and symbols.

- Support to run by command - line.

You can manipulate with this utility through built-in tools on the driver or use it so that the program runs via command - lines. This utility provides lots of command - lines with different parameters. Thus, you can use even when your computer is operating in the MS DOS environment.

- Display passwords of other Wifi networks.

WirelessKeyView helps you not only recover lost passwords of Wifi networks but also detect Wifi networks in your range. Based on these new Wifi networks, you will know which Wifi has the password, which Wifi is the strongest network, etc.

- Display the number of computers accessing your wifi.

In the "Advanced Options" folder, you can customize the settings to know how many computers are connecting and using your Wifi at present.

- Be lightweight in capacity and easy-to-use.
The program has the lightweight capacity, occupies a low amount of the system resources. It is really a wonderful tool which helps you recover the password of Wifi networks your computer once connected.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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