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wodSSH.NET is a program designed with basic tools for supporting users in connecting with SSH server via encrypted contact information.

wodSSH.NET can automatically define server from distance based on SSH1 or SSH2 to select proper protocol and communication method. With this feature, you can conduct communication encrypted with SSH1 and SSH2 servers in a fast manner without any obstruction.

With wodSSH.NET, you are also supported with a safe protection mode for the connection process with the server via the feature of providing information about fingerprint to the server from distance. This is an original and powerful feature of the program for you to actively implement commands or break the connection to ensure security for the system during the connection as well as verify the server in an accurate manner.

In addition, wodSSH.NET can also work well in async environment and include blocking mode without any unexpected problem or interruption. Therefore, users can be assured to connecting to SSH server effectively without having to worrying about the environment applied.

Key features of wodSSH.NET:

- Support automatically defining the server from distance based on SSH1 or SSH2.
- Be capable of selecting appropriate protocol and communication method with each server.
- Provide information about fingerprint to verify the server.
- Be able to work in async environment with a blocking mode.

  • Main function - wodSSH NET:

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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