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World Clocks Wallpaper is an application designed for MS Windows with clock wallpapers for many regions in the world to provide the exact time at any place selected by users.

World Clocks Wallpaper supplies users with the exact time of a city, town or country, etc. from any continent right on your desktop so that you can observe the time conveniently. This feature is completely useful for those who have relatives or friends travelling to a far distance to grasp the time and connect with them in a convenient manner.

Moreover, World Clocks Wallpaper also supports you with a detailed world map which allows you to select region, city or country to display time. You will not have to worry about mistakes or do not have to convert time zone to connect with your friends or relatives.

You can use World Clocks Wallpaper like a useful tool for your work or entertainment to make your desktop’s wallpaper more vivid and strange-looking.

Key features of World Clocks Wallpaper:

- Display the exact time of different regions in the world.
- Display a world map to select region, city or country to display time
- Make wallpaper more strange-looking and unique.
- Display clock on the top of a wallpaper.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Free Download World Clocks Wallpaper
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