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WorldClock Screen Saver is a tool showing the 3D world clock as screensaver. With this app, you can now easily view time of different areas of the world regardless day and night quickly.

It can be said that WorldClock Screen Saver is a unique application that allows you to easily view the time regardless day or night of the world through 3D clock on the screensaver. Thus, you can capture the status and activities of different areas in the world.

Not only showing time of specific regions, WorldClock Screen Saver also helps you view different time zone easily. Based on 'Night Light' mode of NASA, you can get the exact time of each region.

Also, WorldClock Screen Saver is designed with simple and vivid wallpaper to help you distinguish between day and night between hemispheres. In particular, the clock can be placed on the world map simply and visually.

WorldClock Screen Saver offers 6 large clocks for you to find different time quickly.

The main features of WorldClock Screen Saver:

- Show the 3D world clock as screensaver easily.
- Provide accurate timing of specific area, zone.
- Based on the reliable information on 'Night Light' of NASA
- Designed with simple and vivid backgrounds
- Can be applied directly on the world map visually.
- Make 6 large clocks with prominent locations.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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