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WYSIWYG Web Builder is a tool for building and designing websites with an intuitive interface. Users are able to easily create a website without too much complicated knowledge.

WYSIWYG Web Builder offers an intuitive interface in designing and building websites to make these works much easier than before. All users have to do are selecting objects on the tool bars of this program, draw a frame and put image, text, banner or other objects into it. The software also supports drag-and-drop to make arrangement more convenient.

WYSIWYG Web Builder supports HTML4, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, PHP, with over 100 template, HTML5 Audio / Video, YouTube, Flash Video and more. Users can build multimedia controlling components like Slideshows, picture collection, image and text rotating, etc. The Navigation bar, Menu bar and other direction tools will helps you during the web creation.

WYSIWYG Web Builder also provides advanced tools in decorating and developing websites such as shape designing, TextArt, rotation. Shadow and other image effects. Individuals who requested for security will be given an account with username and password to protect their websites. Plug-ins are constantly updated including guestbook, FAQ, downloads, photo album, etc. will supports users very well in monitoring websites.

Main features of WYSIWYG Web Builder:

- Design web with an intuitive interface
- Simple and convenient steps
- Support many objects and tools
- Have a security system.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Download WYSIWYG Web Builder
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