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xFast FLV Player is the software supporting flash videos of format FLV and H.264 (MPEG-4). With this tool, you are free to enjoy excellent videos on your computer.

xFast FLV Player is a convenient multi functional utility that allows users to watch FLV and H.264 (MPEG-4) flash videos easily and quickly.

After a few steps activating the program, you can immediately run files on the computer. The interface will display a list of chosen videos on your system for you to easily select your favorite videos.

xFast FLV Player supports in taking screenshot on running flash video, that screenshot will have format BMP and it can be saved anywhere computer. This is a quite unique advantage of the program. The program also supports many different platforms to serve needs and hobbies of users.

Main features of xFast FLV Player:

- Support in viewing and managing flash video:
xFast FLV Player is a program to read and watch the Flash Video (FLV extension) with fast speed and high quality. At the same time, you can also control Flash videos on your computer through a list displaying fully files in the interface. To watch these videos, users just need to click on a certain file in that list.

- Download and save video on Youtube and other Websites:

The program also helps users save and download flash videos from websites or Youtube. These are Websites that contain large quantities of Video in all types; therefore, using this feature will enrich your music library and movies.

- Watch Video Online:

xFast FLV Player lets you watch video directly from online Website with fast speed.

- Display video in lists:

All the Flash files will be displayed in a list arranged on the interface, it allows users to view files by size, name, or different topics.

- Protect sreen:

Also, xFast FLV Player integrates function of protecting main screen by playing flash files, it also converts video to moving screen and supports in converting files to EXE format.

- Simple and user-friendly interface:

Compared with similar software, this software has an advantage of not having to be installed. Its interface is quite easy to control for any user

- Runs independently or integrated with IE and support Proxy:

This software is tightly integrated with IE and works well on Proxy. The software also supports lots of operating systems such as Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

- XFast FLV Player supports 9 different types of background to decorate the program and helps users to customize easily.

Updated date: 10/26/2013

Free Download xFast FLV Player
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