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Yahoo Messenger is a multifunctional chat application to help you talk and share information with friends and family. The outstanding features of this software are Video call, voice call, and Image sharing, etc.

Yahoo Messenger possesses lots of useful features that enable you to share information, data, or simply some jokes with friends and family in the most convenient way.  The outstanding features of this software are Video call, voice call, and Image sharing, emotional icons, etc. Yahoo Messenger is the most widely used chat application in the world.

In addition, this software also helps you connect to such famous social networks as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The program allows you to sign in synchronously in different devices such as mobile phone or computer at the same time without any obstructions.

It also enables you to connect directly to Facebook Chat to talk with friends right on your Yahoo account.  In addition, it also possesses other features such as providing more utilities like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Search, direct link to Windows Live Messenger, games, sign in options, etc.

Main features of Yahoo Messenger:  

- Offer online call via Yahoo Voice:

Only with a microphone or headsets, can you make call from your Yahoo account to other Yahoo accounts without any fee. By adopting VoIP protocol, Yahoo Messenger allows you to call from computer to computer, computer to phone, and vice versa.

- Create voice mail and share files:  

You can use Yahoo Messenger to share documents, images, webcam, or other files such as video and audio files under 2GB.  If you use laptop or computer with webcam, you can share videos directly with friends just on Yahoo Messenger.

- Plug-in:

 Yahoo Messenger users will be supported with maximum plug-in.

- Integrate other applications of Yahoo such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo:

You do not need to use Google to search for information like you used to do because Yahoo Search can immediately provide you all the information and news that you are interested in such as news, sports, famous persons, songs, and videos, etc. like other programs.

You can also utilize Yahoo Mail to send emails to friends, family, and colleagues effectively.  The program helps you save all emails in different categories such as Inbox, Outbox, Draft, etc.

- Support offline message:

Thanks to this feature, you can receive all the messages from your contact list even when you are not online.  Your offline messages will be displayed right after you sign in your Yahoo Messenger account.

- Save messages:
You can save all the conversations with other people with this feature.  The program does not limit the amount, time, and size of the conversations, so you can easily review conversations in the past.

- Provide different sign in mode:

Yahoo interface offers 3 sign in modes for you to choose:

+ Sign in automatically: If this function is activated, you will automatically sign in your account when the computer starts.

+ Hide the account: This mode helps you be invisible to all other accounts in your contact lists.

+ Remember the account: With this feature, you do not have to retype your account as well as the password in Yahoo.  The program will automatically remember your account and password for the next sign in.

You can select one or all these modes at the same time.

- Link to Windows Live Messenger:

This feature allows accounts in Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger chat with each other easily without creating any new account.

- Offer numerous games:

With the huge game store integrated right on the window of Yahoo Messenger and updated regularly, you will have chance to explore lots of interesting games.  You can also play games on other social networks with friends thanks to the linking feature of this software.

- Update status:

By regularly updating status, you can announce to friends, family, and relatives your current status, or update other's status.

- Support multilanguages:

The interface of Yahoo Messenger is also pretty friendly to users. It supports a wide range of languages to sign in such as Argentina - Brazilian - Canadian - Canadian (French) - Chile - Colombian - Mexican - Peruvian - USA - Venezuelan - French - Germany - Italy - Spanish - English & Irish-Australian - Hong Kong - India - Indonesian - Korean - Malaysian - Filipino - Singaporean - Taiwan - Thai - Vietnamese

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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 We compile the Introduction and usage guidance about Yahoo software with the purpose to provide you more information for reference, if you download yahoo, that is in your discretion. We shall not take any responsibility for problems arising (if any) during the installation and use of the software. See [Terms and Conditions] for more details.
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